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MOSCOW ($1=62.00 Russian Rubles) — 200 modernized T-90M tanks have been sent to the Luhansk front, Russian sources claim. NTV Russian News Channel Television says the tanks were shipped directly from UralVagonZavod, Russia’s largest tank manufacturer. Magnetic Construction Set

Hundreds of T-90M tanks sent to eastern Ukrainian front line

Russian T-90M tanks head to the front lines in Luhansk. Russian sources report 200 T-90M tanks have been transported to Luhansk.

In recent weeks, the Russian armed forces have received several deliveries of tanks. In addition to the T-90M, older versions of the T-90, T-80, T-80BM, as well as the T-72 were delivered. In the middle of the year, the Russian armed forces even received even older Soviet tanks, the T-61 series, which were upgraded to the T-72 level.

UralVagonZavod has been operating with extended working hours for several months. The President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, has issued an order for companies working in the field of arms production to increase man-hours. In recent months, the Russian tank giant has also increased production capacity.

A video from Lugansk showing the delivery of some of the tanks appeared on the web. recalls that Russia mobilized reserve soldiers at the beginning of September. This means that a portion of the tank crews will most likely be made up of veteran soldiers.

Russia has already lost a large part of its tank inventory sent to Ukraine. There is evidence of at least 32 T-90M tanks captured/destroyed by Ukrainian armed forces. More T-90M captures/destructions are possible in the coming months, experts say, citing the fact that veterans will make up some of the crews.

However, the information from NTV can be questioned. Russia has over 600 tanks of all variants of the T-90. At least 200 tanks are kept in reserve with the Russian armed forces. In 2010, Moscow decided to invest nearly 300 million USD in the modernization of all T-90 versions to the T-90M version. This means that if the information about the number of tanks sent to Luhansk is correct, Russia has sent nearly 35 percent of the T-90 tank stock.

The T-90M differs greatly from the T-90 and T-90A versions. Unlike the T-90A, the T-90M has a new Kalina fire control system as well as a new turret. The T-90’s 125mm gun was also upgraded to the 2A46M-5 version, as well as the remote-controlled anti-aircraft gun to the UDP T05BV-1 version. T-90M also includes the Relikt ERA bricks instead of the Kontakt-5 ERA bricks. Other improvements include a new 1130 hp V-92S2F engine, an enhanced environmental control system, and satellite navigation systems.

However, the T-90M is not the last version of the Russian land flagship among tanks. The T-90M Proryv is the latest version of this tank. Russia has sent several units of this tank to Ukraine in recent months. However, the Ukrainian armed forces managed to capture two of Proryv. Analysts and military commentators claim that Ukraine will provide these tanks to its Western partners to be studied in detail.

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